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Cage, John Cage, Cunningham : a film by Elliot Caplan / Cage ; Cunningham ; Elliot Caplan John Cage, Merce Cunningham (coreografo), Nam June Paik, Robert Rauschenberg, Carolyn Brown, Viola Farber, Alvin Lucier, La Monte Young, Rudolf Nureyev, David Tudor, Jasper Johns, Frank Stella, Virgil Thomson, Elliot Caplan (regia) Kultur. DVD 2.0 4:3 DVD.648
Cage, John How to get out of the Cage : a year with John Cage / John Cage ; directed by Frank Scheffer ; Experimental films included on DVD: Chessfilmnoise ; Wagner's Ring ; Nopera ; Ryoanji ; Stopera's I & II John Cage, Frank Scheffer (regia) EuroArts. DVD 4:3 16:9 DVD.647
Cage, John John Cage from zero : four films on John Cage / by Franck Scheffer and Andrew Culver ; 19 question ; Fourteen ; Paying attention ; Overpopulation and art John Cage,The Ives Ensemble, Isabelle Ganz, Michael Pugliese, Franck Scheffer (regia), Andrew Culver (regia) Mode. DVD 2.0 DVD.646