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FAQ The most frequent questions

These are some of the questions that our users ask, in the library or on the site.

Our properties and the on line catalogues


Consultation and loan

Photocopies and audio reproductions


1. Our properties and the on line catalogues

  • What does one find in the catalogues?

    For now, in the on line catalogues of this site, one finds all that has been catalogued starting from january 2000. Books, printed music, journals and compact discs. You can search our online catlogues. The material acquired in the previous years will be catalogued electronically as soon as possible and for now it is accessible through the catalogues on the index cards, which can be consulted in the library. The discs (catalogue (over 1000) can also be found on index cards and it is not available for now on computer.
  • Why don't you use the international standard ISBD in the cataloguing?

    Because the quantity of purchases which took place in the years 2000 and 2001 has been impressive (about 5.000 units) and for the moment we do not have the economic force and the personnel to do it: as an operating line the library has choosen that of making an essential scheme effective, unscientific, but one able to put at one's disposition the material in use as fast as possible. As a consequence we will set up the complete and scientific catalogization. We have accomplished an agile catalogue that can be visible on Internet.
  • Why aren't you on the net SBN (Servizio Bibliotecario Nazionale, National Library Services)?

    We will be there in a short while, we are getting equipped. Our Library however shares the principles and already favours the knowledge and the diffusion.
  • How come in some sectors there is a noticeable quantity of material and in others there are gaps?

    Because the library was set up a very short while ago, nearly from nothing. We will therefore proceed systematically by sections: some areas are already qualitatively rich, others not yet. We think that we will need about another year of constant purchases, before reaching a good standard.


2. Purchases

  • Can I propose a purchase? What is the possibility that my request will be granted?

    Certainly: one can even propose purchases on the web site, filling in the suitable form on line. If the recommendation which you propose is useful, we will proceed with the order of purchase to the supplier. As a rule we try and satisfy the requests. Attention: We are a library, not a book shop! We don't sell anything!
  • How much time does it take to receive the purchase?

    It depends. We cannot purchase single items: normally we have to proceed with global purchases, 4 or 5 at a time per year, under the care of an only supplier, winner of tenders. Delivery time varies depending on the material required: in some cases a few weeks are enough, in others a few months: it doesn't depend on us.
  • I made a request to purchase an item months ago, but it has not arrived yet. It is, though, available in the shop underneath my house!

    Unfortunately these are problems related to the procedures necessary, that imply that the material is purchased by one supplier that doesn't always manage, for strange commercial reasons, to reach some editing houses.


3. Consultation and loan

  • Can I take everything I want on loan?

    All the material is available at the conservatory for consultation. One can take something on loan to one's house only if it is not subject to the law which foresees on rights by the author: In short: (i) books without limitation (ii) music: all the works not protected by the rights of the author (iii) compact discs: 18 months after date of pubblication on the CD. Dictionaries, encyclopedias, opera omnia, journals, the editions published before the year 1900, and prestigious works are excluded from loan
  • How many days can I keep an item at home? Can I renew the loan?

    According to the art.4 of the rules: "A loan should cover fifteen days and it is eventually renewable for studying or research reasons. The number of items to be given out on loan at once cannot exceed three. For 'teaching methods' reasons the Library has the facility of shortening the normal terms of items' return".
  • Is the interlibrary loan effective?

    Yes, the items can be requested by users resident of other cities, through a request done in a library which also uses the interlibrary loan. The consignment charges are at the expenses of the user. Interlibrary loan of compact discs is not effective.
  • Can I listen to a compact disc in the library?

    Certainly. There are, at one's disposition, two stereos with headphones. If there aren't other users that require them it is possible to use this service for as much time as one wants.
  • What happens if I loose or ruin an item which I have on loan?

    According to the art. 4 of the rules "In this case the reader should immediately communicate this to the Library and should substitute the item not returned with another identical model, or, if this is not possible, with another item as previously agreed with the director of the library."
  • I heard that the item that I am loking for has already arrived at the library but it is not available on loan. How come?

    Because before it is put at the public's disposition a complex procedure has to take place. This entails controlling the goods received, the stamping, the stocktaking, the card indexing and the collocation is necessary. Then we proceed in sections, probably in those weeks other sections will be being dealt with. At the utmost if the request is urgent it is possible to give priority to the item in question. It is necessary to make a personal request.


4. Photocopies and audio reproductions

  • Could I photocopy a book or a music edition which I took on loan?

    The present law limits photocopying to the 15 percent of the pubblication.
  • Could I make a copy of the CD, masterize it, or transfer it to MP3, at least partially?

    No, absolutely not.
  • Could I record a CD on a cassette through the library, or bits of it, that interest me?

    No, through the library you can hear everything but you cannot record anything: you will be violating the current regulations.

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